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BVB-Coach Terzić trotz Champions-League-Finale selbstkritisch


Nina Hoffmann
Nina Hoffmann
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Borussia Dortmund’s coach Edin Terzić finds himself in a paradoxical position, as he reflects on the team’s performance in the wake of reaching the Champions League final. Despite this historic achievement, Terzić openly admits to the struggles and self-criticism that have plagued the Bundesliga season. For the passionate coach, success in Europe has been juxtaposed with disappointment in the domestic league, where Dortmund finished fifth.

Early elimination from the DFB-Pokal proved to be a significant setback for Terzić and his aspirations for the team. In a moment of introspection, Terzić acknowledges the emotional and strategic challenges he has faced in his role as head coach. The journey to the Champions League final, marked by triumphant victories against tough opponents such as PSV Eindhoven, Atlético Madrid, and Paris St. Germain, has been both a source of joy and a catalyst for intense reflection.

Despite the team’s remarkable success on the European stage, Terzić remains acutely aware of the need for self-improvement and better decision-making. His commitment to utilizing this experience to analyze, learn, and make the necessary improvements for the next season speaks volumes about his dedication to continuous growth and excellence. Looking ahead, Terzić has set ambitious goals, expressing the firm intention to regain a top-four position in the Bundesliga by the 2024/25 season. It is clear that, for the driven coach, reflection and self-criticism are indispensable tools in the pursuit of improvement and future success.


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