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Rod Stewart: So rockte die britische Legende in Nürnberg die Bühne


Alexander Berger
Alexander Berger
Alexander Berger ist ein erfahrener Journalist, der mit seinem analytischen Denken und seiner Leidenschaft für Politik überzeugt.

Rod Stewart’s energetic and captivating performance at the Nuremberg Arena left fans in awe as the pop legend, almost 80 years old, exuded youthful vigor and charisma. The concert featured iconic songs, energetic choreography, and a visually stunning stage production, showcasing Stewart’s timeless musical talent.

Rod Stewart performed at the Nuremberg Arena, captivating the audience with his energetic and youthful stage presence. He sang iconic songs like ‚Sailing‘ and ‚Wear It Well‘ and also delivered an energetic cover of Robert Palmer’s ‚Addicted To Love.‘ The concert featured a visually stunning stage production, including an overdimensional projection of Stewart and a high-gloss orchestra, predominantly composed of women. Stewart’s performance was likened to a natural phenomenon, exhibiting his enduring appeal and charm.

Rod Stewart’s performance was a testament to his enduring musical talent, captivating stage presence, and timeless appeal to audiences of all ages. The concert left a lasting impression on the audience, showcasing Stewart’s ability to entertain and mesmerize as a seasoned pop legend.


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